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When you are pushing 60 and saying to yourself what the hell are you doing. It’s there and then that you know you are on the right path.

WHAT do I get out of having a website online? It pushes the boundaries and separates myself from those social media influencers who are just that in name only but they have no real internet skills.

I am self taught and have been on the Internet since 94 when there was nothing. Think about it 25 years on Social Media! Like and here I am trying to make something out of all of this experience.

With so much on my plate at the moment and striving to have the energy and time to put shit together in real time it is any wonder that I keep trying to improve as to what as a brand I can offer.

Hiding behind my disability or a lack of functionality I find myself blind to the fact I can no longer do the things I once could. Call it fantasy but for myself I see it as survival.

Just because I can’t at the moment get out and about doesn’t mean I should stop living whatever life I have. No amount of others who have a problem with the way I navigate my life should stop me from achieving all that I want.

It is what it is. Call me divorced childless a poor nobody and I will show you somebody who should of not made it this far. Spending an accumulative one year in the hospital and convalescence crawling from under the weight that would have crushed an elephant.

Coming back to my apartment with nothing much left but the soul of a man not willing to give into the calls from others who were just intent on serving themselves.

I’ve realised and know the fake is what sells the image of prosperity when in all reality people are so despondent and depressed even though they may have financial comfort.

I am comforted in the fact I am where I want to be as I seek nothing more than to spread my message that experience wins over the day.

So what is the meaning behind Perchist?  In the beginning I honestly would have loved to  have started a social network called Perch.  Don’t get me wrong I realized I could not even afford the thought.  Still I found myself searching and eventually was astonished to find that no one had ever bought the domain for Perchist.  Honestly I didn’t even think it was such a word. It’s when the Oxford Dictionary had the definition of meaning a trapeze artist an explosion of thoughts hit me I knew this would become an amazing brand idea.

I had been wanting to purchase a .com domain that was actually something defined in a dictionary.  Low and behold here I am with my goal fulfilled.  Then again now what?

Nice to have a website and all but it’s actually something else to be able to keep up the pace of having to maintain.

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