Perchist “life is a Balancing Act” @perchist #perchist

Perchist "life is a Balancing Act" @perchist #perchist

To fuck if I know why I am back doing Social Media when I haven’t made a dime off of it in over 25 years but here I am again. Guess I needed a break from it to see what it was that was missing in my formula for success depending on the measure as to what I may think that is.

Content is more than just popping in front of the camera on my Samsung S9 and rocking some videos as it exemplifies what I mean to the social media world. I want to give my best or nothing.

Sensationalism puffing up and stroking the cobwebs off of your balls. That just popped like puss from a zombie apocalyptic cock.

My sentimental way of saying fuck it let’s move on. At the moment I am making my rounds on social media to get my engines running. Priming the fuel line to hell.

I get my motivation from looking online and seeing the sickening state that Social Media is in. An never ending shock jock itch smosh pit.

Feeling the vibe towards leading the spiritually depraved. Can’t find anything that will satiate my need for enlightenment. Waiting at the moment for my video to process yes I be putting up a vlog shortly.

Doing me and not even going to remotely focus on any other life but my own. Watch as I take off like a rockit of jism from stroking my own egotistical phallice pointed towards success. Yes I did not write rocket on purpose.

I see that Donald Trump is rising even further above the wasteland that is the Democratic Party as more and more Americans take up the fight for 2020. Yeah it makes me smile from ear to ear.

I won’t be just throwing shit on here for just consumption but instruction. The youth of this Internet controlled world need a mentor. Social media is about to implode and fragment into micriscopic pustules. Having been fracted for the last remaining deposits of sensibility.

So I just voted and am happy I did so. To me the party most reflective as to how I see the direction of this country needing to go is the PEOPLE’S PARTY OF CANADA.

Been making some needed adjustments to the way that I shop for groceries. Kind of tired of having my groceries delivered by the same company that I don’t think appreciates my patronage. Besides they are pretty expensive compared to using Instacart with Walmart.

Starting to really enjoy my experience of doing Social Media again. No stress from fretting over how long it will take to create content or that I should have something up each day. Just doing my thing is enough.

Halloween has a passed us and it’s time to send a text today to see if my wheelchair is coming soon as the vendor did say it would take a month to be delivered we shall see about that.

So a lady delivering for Instacart after dropping off my groceries tells me to rate her a 5 lol although she didn’t fill the order properly missing certain items. Obviously she was downgraded the nerve of her.

Very tired at the moment too many racing thoughts to be drifting mindlessly in slumber. PSW will be popping in and I am thinking of getting her to do my laundry wish me luck as the last couple of times were not incident free. She seems to always have problems with the machines. Was too tired and gave up on the idea for another day.

At least I have bought my groceries for the month and then some. My life unfortunately is being put on hold due to the incompetence of the person who should never have tried to pass off a discontinued electric wheelchair for something new. Especially considering the newer version had a much better drivetrain and battery which takes it even further. I want the very best.

Waiting on a free lavalier microphone that the company I bought the recent one from is sending me. I will have my PSW check my mail today for it.

Yup it showed up and as for my Electric Wheelchair looks like that could be coming the week of the 11th. So much for this one month delivery that the vendor was touting.

Laying down at the moment with Saturday’s Soup on the stove and I just uploaded another vlog. With each of my posts here you will see one embedded. Also today I am waiting for an Amazon delivery. Hope they show up soon and do it right. There are enough instructions and they have my number but some of these contractors are lazy and don’t make the effort.

Building my social media presence online is something I really enjoy especially when I get great feedback. It’s always interesting to know that there is always an audience out there for you no matter what you post.

Soon enough once I finally have what I need to improve my quality of life I will be able to rapidly advance forward and achieve the multitude of goals I have set for myself without risking my health and well being.

To you who actually took the time to read this do me the honour of following me on Social Media. There is a FOLLOW button on here and icons directly linked to my social. Much appreciated you taking a little of your valuable time to put a smile on my face. Hope something on here has done likewise.

I will be starting my NEW Weekly Podcast as with my New Lavalier Microphone things are clean on my Samsung S9.

Oh one more thing I be rooting for Nate Diaz at UFC244! BMF!!!

I love eating bagels selfie taken with my Samsung S9.

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